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Health care deform: Abort, Retry, FAIL?

Don McCann says abort. Then reboot:

The five reform bills passed by House and Senate committees will not control health care costs, and yet these are to be merged into one bill – that will not control health care costs.

What is the worst that could happen?

The second worst is that the final bill could be defeated and everyone would walk away with yet another failed attempt at reform. (Everyone would understand that very soon we would have to return to start over since the status quo is totally unacceptable.)

The very worst is that this bill could pass and everyone would walk away insisting that we have successfully reformed health care when all we have done is to establish an unnecessary and unethical ten-year long experiment that will cause financial hardship, physical suffering and even death – adverse outcomes that could be prevented with reform based on policy evidence rather than markets.

I think Dr. McCann is an optimist.

The very worst that could happen is that the so-called "public option" FAIL completely discredits -- thanks, "progressives"! -- the idea of any government intervention in the health care market at all. Bye bye, Medicare, and hello, "entitlement reform!"

So who gives a shit about passing a bill NOW NOW NOW that doesn't kick in 'til 2013? Not me, and not Dr. McCann:

The goal of completing action on this bill before Christmas, pass or fail, and then walking away is not acceptable. We must set this bill aside and start fresh with a model that would prevent yet another decade of unnecessary grief. That model, of course, is an improved Medicare for all.


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Submitted by dblhelix on

So who gives a shit about passing a bill NOW NOW NOW that doesn't kick in 'til 2013?

I think there's some revenue collection that's slated to begin 01/2010, eh?

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Yes, that makes perfect sense.