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Headlines I'm glad I never wrote

Fed Risks ‘Spitting in the Wind’ With New Aid Pledges

Except the word really isn't "spitting," right?

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bloomberg's been really good on all this, i think--less editorializing and more of a range of quotes like that one, that aren't as bullshitty or simply cw or repeating the administration's lies.

(maybe bec their primary audience -- and income-- the proprietary terminals on desks in financial orgs everywhere, etc -- wants it fast and to the point while they buy and sell, instead of to feed their egos or push their worldviews, etc ?)

and there's tons of stuff like this -- "... While officials yesterday contested claims that the Fed is undertaking quantitative easing, they acknowledged that the central bank’s new actions will result in another injection of funds into the system. Officials said their objective is to affect credit markets rather than to target money supply. ..."

--which tells the truth far more than most news (which pretends it really is for consumers and students and will be used that way--providing cover for the continued looting).