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Headlines I wish I'd never read

The other dark meta: Racoon is making it to the table.

OTOH, $4 - $7 feeds a family of four...

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I had barbequed raccoon at a "game feed" dinner at a local tavern back in '80s. It was actually pretty tasty.

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"Raccoon, which made the first edition of The Joy of Cooking in 1931...."

Ah, just like the good old days.

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We call it fast food, and in rural America I think it's quite common. As with anything, it helps to know how it was killed and butchered. There is a question of morality involved in killing anything - it matters how it is done. Also, meat from a wounded animal is quite different from meat produced when an animal is killed quickly. The butcher makes a huge difference both as to cleanliness and taste.

I have a bunch of recipes if anyone wants some. A few bits of advice may be useful. I would have to be starving to try porcupine again, and both crow and red squirrel is right next to them in the category of meat you don't want to eat. Also, the look on my urban blind date's face (many years ago) when I responded to her question about her beaver coat by recalling a pleasant evening with a friend where we shared a barbecued haunch of beaver might not have been the effect I was seeking.