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Headed West

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There is a place in New Mexico, a few miles outside Carlsbad, you should go. Just because you can see the Seven Rivers country from one of the overlooks in Living Desert State Park. You can watch a bobcat have a bath, rub an elk's nose, study more than 40 species of Chihuahuan desert native wildlife at your own pace -- and for a reasonable price. You can see these folks, at their house, too.
-- and some really impressive birds, too

as well as wolves easily as endangered as Yellowstone's own,

a wide variety of plants,

and when the time is right, Native American ceremonies.

Carlsbad is more than the caverns. I didn't even go to the mescal roast although it's definitely on next year's calendar.

On the way back from there yesterday, I saw salt mining on enormous spreads of nearly-dry desert lakes, the water having left behind sparkling expanses of crystal that winked in the sun, reflecting the rainbows from the storm clouds ahead.

Driving the last hour and a half home in a spectacular thunderstorm capped a perfect getaway.

Maybe the best thing about it is I didn't go anywhere near an Interstate.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

i've got scads of relatives in and around carlsbad, and apparently, i'm just about the last person in the family who hasn't visited this place yet. i appreciate the reminder, and especially your poetic description.

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Submitted by leah on

Today seems to have been Corrente's ode to the natural world. Yours fits in perfectly.

Submitted by ohio on

Though, I misread "40 species of Chihuahuan desert..." as "40 species of Chihuahua..." and thought, "Man, those wolves don't have a chance."