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He wrote the code that made the whole world crash; software developer on "My Manhatten Project"

In New York Magazine, a Wall Street software developer tells about his part in writing the programs which sliced and diced, pureed, made exotic finanicial instruments out of mortgages. Which put chicken into the grinder and sirloin came out.

I have been called the devil by strangers and “the Facilitator” by friends. It’s not uncommon for people, when I tell them what I used to do, to ask if I feel guilty. I do, somewhat, and it nags at me. When I put it out of mind, it inevitably resurfaces, like a shipwreck at low tide. It’s been eight years since I compiled a program, but the last one lived on, becoming the industry standard that seeded itself into every investment bank in the world.

I wrote the software that turned mortgages into bonds.

Here's the multi-page link, if you prefer to read 6 screens that way.

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