If you have "no place to go," come here!

But he speaks in complete sentences!

Jamie Galbraith:

We’ve learned from Vic Fingerhut and Mike Lux that the administration went down in public esteem when people realized it was working for the banks and not for them. Why did they think this? Why did they go from “blaming Bush and Wall Street to blaming Obama and Wall Street”? Because plainly they could see what was in front of their faces. Except in manner, President Bush never really pretended to be a President for ordinary folks; President Obama did. Bush was who he was; Obama held out, fostered, and promoted vast hopes, mobilizing the American population behind his leadership on that basis. And he disappointed those hopes — to use a very harsh word, one could say he has betrayed those hopes.

Amen. A good speech. Quite restrained, in fact, given the givens.

NOTE One reason I don't listen to radio news any more is that I start yelling at it, just like with Bush. Can't stand to hear that lying voice.