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HCR makes big health care players bigger

Wow, who knew?

Say, that would make the health insurance company bailout just like the bankster bailout, wouldn't it?

Thanks, "progressives"!

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Submitted by jm on

If you like your local utility and cable companies, you'll love your new health care provider network.

Given that consolidation of the market was inevitable (it's the nature of power and the CACA made players in this market more powerful), wouldn't it have made more sense to have gone all in and given the monopoly to the government in the form of single payer and at least kept costs down? (Don't bother answering.)

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Submitted by nihil obstet on

Single payer would beat the hell out of what we have now, but many of the problems would remain. We need an NHS to address the fragmented care issue.

Submitted by hipparchia on

getting rid of the insurance companies would take care of a huge amount of the fragmented care issue.

that said, i'd love for us to have a vha-for-all.