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Have You Had Your Froom Today?

Everybody must get Froomed. Daily is best, but this day is mandatory. Down towards the bottom of the column, alas:

James Moore , co-author with Wayne Slater of the unauthorized Karl Rove bio "Bush's Brain," writes that "Karl is not happy" with the upcoming sequel: "The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power."

Writes Moore: "Just as he did with 'Bush's Brain,' Rove managed to acquire an early galley version of the new book. He is disturbed about several matters but appears most deeply troubled about how the narrative proves he has had a complex relationship with convicted felon Jack Abramoff. Information provided to us for the book by an eyewitness and participant in Rove and Abramoff meetings gives lie to Rove and the White House's claims that Abramoff was barely known by the administration.

Karl has always known who has money to spend on politics and how to use those people. Our witness, who also told the same story to federal investigators, details meetings between Rove and Abramoff that show the two were using each other for their own political ends.

"After reading the galley, Rove called Slater and denied the meetings ever occurred. He wants us to believe that our source simply made up the events and also lied to federal investigators. Of course, Karl Rove is the same man who claimed he did not speak to reporters about Valerie Plame's identity until her name was published by Robert Novak and he is the same person who told the world Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. I do not believe anything he says nor should anyone in our country."

One wonders how this "managed to acquire an early galley version of the new book" worked, exactly. Spies at Crown? Allies 'n' buddies, or cash on the barrellhead? I know which way I'd bet but I am a low and cynical person.

[Disclosure: Should you buy, or preorder in this case, the book after clicking the Amazon link above, a very few pesos will trickle down into Xan's personal pocket. Xan would deeply appreciate this, should you be considering adding this to your Archives of The Atrocity Years library. Thenkew, thenkew very much.]

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