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Have I mentioned lately what assholes Obama and Gene Sperling are?

Gaius Publius on Sperling's Reddit debacle and chained CPI:

Let him; let him dig deep. This is not about personalities; it’s about the signature social programs of the Democratic Party, the last bastion many citizens have between them and poverty. The less tricky Obama is, the more blunt and determined he becomes, the easier to make him seem what he is — a traitor to the ideals of the party whose name he soils.

Yep. Granted, the name of the Democratic party is just a little shopworn these days, but I take the point.

NOTE Incidentally, I think we caught "superlative CPI" first. Here's Sperling, gassing away on Reddit:

The cost of living question relates to how the government measures inflation. Today, we use a measure of inflation called the “CPI” or consumer price index. An alternative would be to switch to what is known as the superlative or “chained” CPI. The superlative CPI makes two technical corrections [hold on to your wallet!] to the standard CPI: it accounts for consumers’ ability to substitute between goods* in response to changes in relative prices and accounts for biases arising from small samples. Most experts agree that the Superlative CPI provides a more accurate measure of the average change in the cost of living than the standard CPI.

So stupid. Increasing benefits is the issue, not figuring out how to explain to Granny she won't miss that extra thousand when all she's getting is twelve.

The President would prefer to have this adjustment in the context of a larger Social Security reform, but he has said to Speaker Boehner that if it is part of a larger agreement that would include tax reform that would raise revenue by cutting loopholes and expenditures from the most well off, that he would be willing to agree to it because in divided government, if we’re going to make progress, we have to be willing to compromise. One important note: any agreement to make this change to the CPI must include a dedication of a portion of the savings to protections for low-income Americans, certain veterans, and older Social Security beneficiaries.** Our current offer which reduces the deficit by $230 billion over the next 10 years includes those protections.

The best "progress" of all is to do nothing rather than cut.

NOTE * That is, to substitute catfood made from grain for catfood made from weasel offal.

NOTE ** Operationally, this is means-testing

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Went back through comments on TheMomCat's earlier post and ended up super confused and chained on the difference between superlative CPI as used by Bush circa 2002, chained CPI circa June 2011 (, and Sperling's superlative CPI.

Bastards and their nonsense! Ugh! Can someone clearly outline this as a tool for those of us who are easily confused?

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Comment from Russ at Susie's on the Sperling comments:

6 russ

Evolution –
Catfood Commission I – The presumption was the the oldsters would be dining from a small tin of tuna and cheese.

Catfood Commission II with Chained CPI – The “catfood” noted above has changed.
It is now a mouse.

This will rapidly deplete the population of less nimble, undeserving oldsters, and allow more funding for important things like drone missles.