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Have I mentioned lately what an asshole Obama is?

Arrogant, thin-skinned, petty-minded: That's America's First Black Fascist President.

I mean, come on. Even Bush didn't double book Congress over Plame.

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I agree with dcblogger. This is kabuki. Obama wants time to defuse any serious opposition to the NSA security state. He doesn't want hearings in the middle of the week. Maybe they will get rescheduled for some Friday before a holiday. I am reminded of the way pressure to enact some common sense gun control, ban assault weapons and extended magazines after the Sandy Hook massacre of young school children was stage managed to drag it out, weaken it, and eventually kill it. A similar kind of orchestration is going on here. Glenn Greenwald warned today to be on the look out for sham "reforms" coming out of the Intelligence Committess. Basically, anything backed by Feinstein and King would be bogus. I think he is correct. Draw out and wait for public concern to die down, disrupt the process where they can, misdirect with phony reform which may be quietly smothered months down the road, this is the likely roadmap Obama and the Congressional leadership are pursuing.

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Meanwhile, how surprising that a bunch of democratic lawmakers just got in line to meet BHO's schedule while dropping their own. Though if this is all a sham, then Grayson is no friend of the peeps.

The tweet or email to GG canceling must be an interesting document.