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Hatred Sux

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I'm sorry.

I wish we could all just let it go, truly, just let it go, sometimes. There are so many better, more worthy targets. Thus: when I'm down, and been in a fight without clear Victory, and feeling blue, I look at kittenz.

Racism and Sexism are stupid. Being a blogger of late, I've found the need to look at kittenz, a lot.

D-grrl: I understand. I'm sorry I doubted your decision.

Tangentially: Do some people hate these cats because they aren't "tabby-americans?" Gosh, I hope people haven't invested so much in cat coats as they have people skins. I hope you feel the same about the varying stripes and coats in your neighborhood as I do mine.

After all, everyone just wants a tongue bath, in the end. It's funny, isn't it? 000000s of years of "in-breeding" and "race-mixing" and there are still as many kinds of cats as there are colors in the rainbow. Natch, I guess they spit and fight and fuck too.

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Can't agree with you more. We are all God's children.

Do you notice that the "godhatesfags" Bapist are nothing more then hate monglers.

The God I was bought up to believe in and love is NOT A VENGEFUL GOD". He is all loving, forgiving.

Shame on all you Right Wing Bapist for all of your hatred. You have no right to boycott soldies funerals. You have no right to insult gay people.
Those that live in glass houses, etc...

They have nothing but hate in their hearts and will fry in hell for ever.