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Hash tags sought for twitter feed in sidebar

Readers, the tweet feed in the sidebar is driven by a single hash tag: #ows, which you can see at the top of the widget. #ows (Occupy Wall Street) generates a lively stream of tweets, but I would like more hash tags with a greater variety of subject matter (and hopefully more unique, curated subject matter).

So I am issuing this call to you for hash tags -- and those of you who are not twiterati can suggest subject matter, and then we can go out and find the appropriate hash tags. This project is important for two reasons: (1) Crises like Tahrir Square or Occupy or Sandy Hook tend to play out on twitter, so become "twitter aware" is not a bad idea (and although Twitter is slowly adopting the "walled garden" business model of Facebook, it's not nearly as hideously Borg-ish in its culture and practices); (2) if we wish to influence the discourse by tweeting, then we need to understand where to tweet, and that means understanding hash tags.

Now, I'm not sure that #kitties and #ows woudl go all that well together, especially if we end up with a lot of hash tags. I can arrange for more than one tweet feed in the sidebar -- one for hash tags like #ows, and another for hash tgs like #kitties -- and then let users turn them on or off on their account pages.

NOTE I could check out whether it is possible to have a block that shows your own twitter feed only to you, but I think we have twitter itself for that, so open up another tab in your browser. The point here is to curate a set of hash tags that most Correntians feel most Correntians would find fun or useful or interesting.




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