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Has the moment come for civil disobedience?

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Time to go to Jail; Civil Disobedience Campaign "Patients NOT Profits: Healthcare for All"

On September 29th in New York City, the Mobilization for Health Care for All is launching a campaign of "Patients Not Profit" sit-ins at insurance company offices to demand an end to a system that profits by denying people care and puts insurance company bureaucrats between doctors and patients. We want the real "public option": improved Medicare for All, a national single payer plan that cuts out the profit and puts patients first.
Private insurance death panels are killing people every day and blocking real health care reform.

It's time for nonviolent civil disobedience to turn the tide.

Sign up to sit in for Patients Not Profit!

The private health insurance companies are the real death panels in America. They make billions in profit and millions for their CEOs while millions of Americans have no health insurance and over 45,000 die every year because they can't get the care they need. That's more than 120 people dying every day.

So beginning on September 29th in New York City, and continuing in Chicago on October 8th and in cities across the country on October 15th, over 100 people will put our bodies on the line to challenge the real death panels. We will enter the offices of the major insurance companies and demand that they cover the care they are denying to their members. We won't leave until they do - or we're arrested. Visit and sign up.

I hesitated to post this because I disapprove of asking people to do anything one would not do oneself, and I don't want to get arrested. On the other hand, there may be readers of Corrente who would be interested. I can only say this is how we won sanctions against Apartheid South Africa. And I think it will be necessary to win single payer.

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or who feels that they can't afford to get arrested, there is also a link at that site where you can pledge to help either by donating bail money for those who are arrested, or by participating in a concurrent demonstration where you won't risk arrest.

so, yes, you did good by posting this.

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I signed up ... hoping not to be arrested, but at this point, why not?

Thank you for posting!

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Sitting in at insurance companies to demand the end of insurance companies? You sat in at Woolworth to get Woolworth to change its policy. You sat in at the Flint auto factories to get GM to recognize the union. These were things the companies didn't want to do, but you could make it painful for them not to. This is not to get the insurance companies to change -- it's to get rid of them altogether. Their riddance is more painful than any sit-in could ever be for them.

Were I not such a peaceful sort, I could cheerfully contemplate acts of terrorism against insurance companies (yeah, I've got the personal stories, too). I absolutely want to get rid of them. I'm just not clear on who the sit-in is aimed at, and how it's supposed to work.