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Has anybody else noticed prescription drug prices being jacked up?

Eureka Springs comments at NC:

Don't have time to search in depth for news on this around the country but an uninsured friend of mine here in northwest Arkansas told me his Cymbalta scrip (3 months) just went from 500.00 to 800.00. The pharmacist who charged him cost this time said everything across the board just went way up. One millrun (?) drug went from 8.00 to 300.00 overnight. Pharmacist thinks it's part of the plan to force everyone to buy insurance.

Readers, can any of you confirm this anecdote?

I just checked with my local coffee shop person, and they said they hadn't heard of anything like this, but they might not know. So, readers?

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since the early 2000's.

But sometimes there are ways to get around them (which we do) by changing the dosing.

For instance, one of Bailey's (our "medical rescue" Springer Spaniel) maintenance medications which we purchase from Walgreens is much less expensive because we get a drug discount, by paying a $35 annual membership fee to be in "the W Club,"--pets are considered to be "family members."

It helps tremendously.

But the biggest help is buying the cheapest "pill dosage."

One of his prescription medicines (which is capsule form--never tablet--so you can't "pill split") has wild fluctuations, depending on the dose.

It comes in 25 mg, 50 mg, and another dosage that wouldn't work for him.

Anyhoo, I check the prices every 90 days before I get the refill, to see "the going price" for both doses.

The generic cost for a 90-day supply if $60 for the 25 mg dosing of 4 capsules, and it's $30 for the 50 mg dosing of 2 capsules.

Just last year--IT WAS THE OPPOSITE!!

[Not certain, but it could be that the Walgreen's "W Card" cannot be used with a health insurance plan. Obviously, Bailey is not on our group health insurance plan. ;-)]

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haven't seen any changes in my prescription this yr. That doesn't mean they're not doing it on curtain drugs in states were they can get away with it.