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"Hard decisions"

Also, "tough decisions."

Translation: Fuck the little people.

That is all.

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The finger-pointing that's now going on between Wall Street and Washington is quite entertaining (or would be, if it didn't mean we were going to bear the brunt of their fun and games). And the political infighting is certainly helping solve the crisis.


Is it true that Washington State just sent a dollar to each of its 250,000 food stamp recipients?


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Per this article.

Seems like waste of postage, but should result in extra $43M in assistance funding.

...Leo Ribas, head of community services at the Department of Social and Health Services, says there’s a method to the state’s madness.

"We're trying to do this at a time when people need assistance the most,” said Ribas.

He says if the state’s food stamp recipients receive just $1 for energy bill assistance, that qualifies them for extra federal assistance. That means someone like Nelson could receive about $30 more per month in food stamps.

Sending out $1 checks cost the state $250,000. DSHS says that could bring the state an additional $43 million in federal funding.

Call it red tape or a hoop to jump through. Either way, the state says it makes sense.

"I think it's an issue of maximizing the federal regulations to the advantage of Washington residents,” said Ribas.

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All the states have to do is designate an amount, greater than $1 per recipient, to qualify for the federal energy bill subsidy money. They don't have to actually send it out now. Once the Fed money comes, they just add $1.00 to whatever the fed supplement package works out to be and send it out in the same format, in the same envelope, and for the same postage.

$250K plus pissed away. Stupid people. That's the problem.

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What exactly is this post referencing? You've provided no link to anything.