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Hard To Believe I Wrote This In Sept. 2008...

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I sent this letter to SENATOR Barack Obama, confirmed Democratic Candidate For President of the United States, in September '08. It is truly saddening, and frustrating, to see the capitulative course that Obama, and the Democratic Majority Senate and Congress chose to set. So many easy choices and routes to take, and damn, if they didn't take every wrong turn.

Dear Senator Barack Obama,

The Gross GDP of the World-- GWP-- Is $65 Trillion.

There is no way in hell, even if every individual, company, institution, corporation and nation emptied their savings and piggy banks, that we can possibly make up the difference between the GWP and the real problem of $681 Trillion Worth Of Derivatives Based On Shitty Debts.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to not try to bail out a mess that cannot be bailed out with all the money in the world, but rather, to plot out a new NEW DEAL. In the lines of FDR, but brought modern, and certainly incorporating much of what you already want to see happen during your Presidency, which is nearly guaranteed if you don't allow this Bailout to pass in any form close to what was foisted on us on 29 September.

We have crumbling infrastructure that needs repaired and/or modernized, we have solar and wind, and tidal, and thermal energy projects just waiting to be launched. We have fiber optic communication and energy transmission lines struggling to be laid. We have depleted land that needs to be restored. Barren wastes to be replanted.

We have inventors with new transportation plans that are begging to be recognized and supported. We have Supertrains chomping at the bit to be freed to carry Americans to work, and to their families.

We have millions of people desperate for health care that they can rely on, that is guaranteed-- hoping for a health plan like YOUR FEHB, or even Tri-Care, or VA Care. If only they could get out from under the tyranny of this existing carnivorous Health Care Scheme, they could live on their feet again, and pay their mortgage and bills without fear of hunger and illness.

We have Centralized Energy schemes dying to finally be killed, and replaced with de-centralized solar and wind projects for every home. Privitized Energy producers wishing that they were Publically-owned again, not to mention the customers that wish so more. Domestic Airlines desperate to be made obsolete. Ponzi Financial Schemes daring you to regulate and smash them. We have American Oligarchs waiting to be bitch slapped. An overweaning Homeland Security Apparatus needing to be made obsolete.

We have thousands and thousands of hungry Americans who would jump at the opportunity to be put to gainful employment for a decent wage in a healthy working environment. Honest farmers praying for the boot of BigAgra to be thrown off their throats so that they can produce REAL FOOD for their LOCAL ECONOMIES. Makers of wonderful and useful products desperate to have the Big Box stores set aside so that they can actually sell their wares in their OWN TOWN again, and not have to compete with cheap, shoddy, poisonous Chinese crap.

We have proud UNION Workers, trained to create the highest possible quality products, buildings and services, chomping at the bit to once again demonstrate their awesome skills and craft.

You have all this on your pallet, from which to craft an incredible new direction and dynamic for America, and the World.

Please, Senator Obama, the election is yours to lose, but please-- think about the awesome arsenal presented here, that is waiting for you. You have a mission to FULLY regenerate and invigorate this country, set it right, and on a course for ultimate success.

Wall Street is going to tank whether we throw a Trillion dollars to it right now, or not. One month and a week is not going to totally kill us. The markets will not fall so far in that time to be so critical. The FED has $630 Billion to lend in the meantime. We can manage until the elections are through. America does NOT want to throw that make believe, printing press, hyper-inflationary money to Wall Street. Those "Bankers" [MF: Lambert hadn't coined "Banksters" at the time of writing] were greedy, and they failed. In America, we let greedy failures learn from their failures, but fail nonetheless. Hopefully to be reborn as good Humans after their folly. We are capable of forgiveness in that case.

What's coming is going to hurt us all an awful lot, but what we really want -- what we desperately need-- is a Democratic LEADER, who can pick up the pieces, and turn America around again, into a sound, prosperous, equitable, and peaceful country.

THAT is your mission, should you choose to accept it. I hope you do, and I hope you will fight harder than you are now for the opportunity to rise to the challenge. I hope that you take up my challenge. It is fully in the scope of reality, and desperately needed and wanted by America, and Americans.

I want to believe in you. Give me something to truly believe in. America needs a New New Deal.

Nothing learned, and little sign they really understand any of the basic, simple, but HUGE crises before us. It's not just Barry, it's the Democratic Leadership failing us. They all seem to be (finally) listening to the "access bloggers' regarding HCR, and the "Public Option" seems to be walking limply toward a possible reconciliation passage, but we still need to wait and see just what that Public Option will include.

Even HCR aside... One year passed, and one year utterly wasted, in regard to FIRE regulation; sustainable food, energy, infrastructure and transportation policy, are zero sum failures. The rescue of the Middle and Working Classes is not in the cards in any meaningful way.

We also still need to wait and see whether the "access bloggers" are actually working for US or THEM, or THEMSELVES. The next nine months will tell.

After a decade of Democratic Leadership telling to STFU, that they were "keeping their powder dry," I'm getting more than anxious to see them start to fire it off. It's long past due. At this point, am I naive to think it will ever happen?


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