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Happy President's Day

Won't it be great to live under a legitimate government?

Who knows? It might even happen in my lifetime!

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because, "it never was."

it's always about the fight. to keep, to move forward, to know, to share, to excoriate. you never win, and you die happy just knowing you didn't give in and stood up despite knowing victory won't happen while you are alive to see it. that's the best people like us should hope for, and it is indeed, "the best." harriet tubman, MLK, trotsky, moses...all the best work is done before the 'final' victory, and that period is where all the real heroes are found.

we think we have it hard, and we do. but no harder than, say, progressives in the 20 and 30s struggling for worker's rights. to quote hoffa, "sometimes, you just have to mix it up a little." i hope you know what i mean by that.

i hope everyone appreciates that we do this very differently today, than when all we had was busted heads at a picket line.