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Happy New Year!

Feel free to start the count down...

And maybe break open the champagne?

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i love it when they show other countries at midnight on new year's -- hokey but fascinating, i think. : >

and it's always kinda a surprise to me still (and a little "off") that the time here isn't what it is elsewhere -- even when i totally know that already, and have travelled, etc.

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What Do Timekeepers Do? --

On New Year's Eve at 6:59:59 p.m. ET, an "international consortium of timekeepers" will add one second to the world's clock. How do you get to be an official timekeeper?

Earn a Ph.D. in astronomy and move to France. Tweaks to the official clock are announced by the Earth Orientation Center, a Paris-based subunit of the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service. ...

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Submitted by caseyOR on

I am hopeful that, tough as 2009 may turn out to be, we are all able to join together and help each other get through it.

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i watched the new york philharmonic on tv and drank merlot. the neighbors set off a bunch of fireworks and scared all the cats.

surely these are all auspicious signs.

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I'm glad to have joined Corrente in 2008. I've really enjoyed stopping by here regularly, seeing what everyone has to say and engaging in some very thoughtful discussions. And a couple of brawls too. But what the hell, growing up my biggest fights were always with my brother, you know? :)