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Happy New Year

Heck, here's another one:

Sorry, Xan. That's probably too close to country...

Via Tim Bray.

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It's a great site and a pleasure to read.

The Prine video reminded me of John Fogerty's appearance on Letterman a few months ago. I was watching the night it was broadcast and at first I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"I can't take it no more. I'm sick and tired of your dirty little war, I can't take it no more."

A little bit of reality made it on TV.

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The only time I've ever heard a version of that song even remotely comparable to Piaf's was in the second Babe movie, which lots of people loathed, but I liked, when the chorus of the three little mice who introduce each chapter began to sing "Je Regrette Rien" with the same quivering resolve as Piaf. What it lacked in wounding artistry it sort of made up for in hilarity, and Piaf was so great, she can encompass three uppity mice.

Maybe we all be able to say the same about our own lives....