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Happy happy joy joy

The racoons have been trapped, and they didn't even dig a hole. Now the insulation project can roll on!

In the very first attempt at insulating this evil crawl space, my mother had bales of straw laid down and spread out on the earthen floor. So, a good ten years later, some racoons spot the escaping heat, check it out, and move in. "Hey, look at this comfy straw!"

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Submitted by jo6pac on

WTF are you crazy unless they are in the witness protection plan and moved to another country they will be back to the warm and comfy home you have provided;) Just saying.

Submitted by lambert on

... and if they make their way back, the heat sealing will be such that they will not be attracted under the house any more. Frankly, if they settle elsewhere, I won't mind (assuming they are not a hazard to the other people here) -- they may keep the woodchucks away!