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Handy visualization of Clinton's funding and TPP support


This is why I like visualizations. Note that the arcs -- the connections between nodes like "Hillary Clinton" and nodes like "Xerox" through speaking fees, and nodes like "Xerox" and nodes like "Xerox" and nodes like the "Trade Benefits America Coalition" through membership are labelled. Those labels are central to analysis. It is not sufficient simply to "connect the dots."

In fact, the structure is so regular and consistent we might almost be looking at a money laundering operation!

Kudos to LittleSis.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Elegantly regular - like DNA. Hillary Clinton's Policy DNA.

To know who Hillary Clinton the President will be, look no further than the money funneled to the Bill Hilary and Chelsea (cough) Foundation. And now, with what we know of Hillary Secretary of State's aggressive interaction with the Trade Representative in hammering out details and negotiation tactics for TPP ...

"Hillary Clinton: The NAFTA Shafta Girl!"

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

To know what a politician will do, look to who he (or she) chooses as advisers. Effective leaders may occasionally cross supporters on an issue, but they don't choose advisers who will give them advice they have no intention of following.

I don't know who Mrs. Clinton's closest advisers are on trade, but whoever they are, they will be the tell.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

is that the CIA uses mapping techniques like these to construct terrorist networks and the locations of people within them. The CIA believes that the networks don't lie. So, if they were looking at Clinton networks they would conclude that her relationships are a more reliable guide to her position within them, than her words are.

Submitted by lambert on

For myself, I find the symmetry pleasing but a wee bit suspicious. I suspect if I had a complete graph of Clinton's relations, my conclusions might be richer and more subtle -- and very possibly more damning. However, you can well imagine the problems creating such a complete graph; I think it would have to be produced collectively and collaboratively.