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Halloween Cat

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Submitted by hipparchia on

the perils of rescuing a feral momcat and her 4 kittens include 4 more, wait, make that 6 more black cats...

only 2 of the black cats are what i think of as the classic halloween cat - shiny black, with long tails. the other 4 black cats are either fluffy with long or short tails, or shiny with short tails. my house looks a lot like this house, in fact...

Submitted by hipparchia on

judging by the flying noises i hear in my house at night, they shapeshift back and forth at will, because all i ever see in the daytime is cats. maybe i'm just not looking in the right places...

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and wonderful at the same time. I love the cat leapfrogging over the owl!

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for some reason, they're always seem to have the silkiest coats and distinct personalities. My little friend (above) follows me around like a dog, "talking" about who-knows-what, or sleeps on my lap. She's one of the most affectionate, interactive cats ever. All my black kitties have been overly endowed with personality.

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Image ©editor_u, 2012

One of my cats (and the only black one), Melanie, with a 1950s Gund display bunny. More on the bunny another time.

My ex-wife and I found Melanie in 2007 wandering with two other cats in the woods of a park near where we lived. They had been spotted together on other occasions, so clearly they came from (were dumped from) the same house or apartment. The three are still inseparable.

Melanie plays "the game" with me when I visit (my ex is taking care of all our cats, but one, since I live in a New York apartment). She waits on the stairs to the second floor until I walk by. She looks at me inquisitively. If I give her a certain look, she darts upstairs and into a bedroom. I follow and she runs out and into another bedroom or the bathroom (if she's on the bathmat or a mattress, she's "safe" and the game is put on hold until she's ready to go again). Back and forth, back and forth. Until I follow her into a room and she's nowhere to be found. I call and call, but she doesn't come out. Then I stand outside the room and, in a very sad voice, say things like, "Oh, what has happened to the poor little Melanie? I'll never see her again." After a little of this (nothing else works), she makes a very funny sound as she races out of the room and runs past me, sometimes giving me a swat on the way.

Submitted by hipparchia on

we're going to have to rename it the society to put basement cats into the lives of other people because apparently all the best people are graced with black cats:

that sounds like a great game you and melanie have created (and now i also want to know the story of the gund bunny).

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when i was a kid, our family cat and family dog were both solid black, and apparently i've imprinted on both black dogs and black cats as The Best. it always surprises me when people say they like all cats/dogs... but not black cats/dogs.

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henri is gorgeous! and i especially got a kick out of No one ever dresses as crippling? self-doubt and That guy is not? a spaceman.

i will now follow @HenriLeChatNoir on twitter [gotta learn more about the thieving filmmaker...]