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Hairtrigger trouble for progressives

Progressives really need to stop getting so excited when the Democrats achieve -- or even talk about achieving -- any sort of minimal baseline for sanity and morality.

For one thing, it's embarrassing.

For another, it destroys what little leverage progressives have left.

For a third, there are plenty of people in the Village who aren't distracted at all by the Oforia. And they're perfectly happy if nobody pays attention. They're trying to make sure they lose none of their entitlements -- to trillions of our money for bailouts, for example. Or their entitlement to profit from denying us health care. Or their entitlement to commissions while plundering our 401(k)s. Or their entitlement to extract the last pound of flesh from homeowners whose mortgages are underwater.

We can focus on what Our Betters are doing. Or we can be distracted by bright shiny objects.

There is a lot of work to do. The time to start is now. It always has been.

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Submitted by Caro on

One thing that most recovering addicts learn is that in early sobriety their apologies and promises to reform don’t mean much. They’ve made the same promises and broken them so many times before. The Democrats have to build up more of a history of good behavior before I will start to really trust them.

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Submitted by zuzu on

I've been getting unwell about all the squee-ing about Obama's statement supporting Roe v. Wade, when a) it's got that bullshit "common ground" language; b) he didn't repeal the Global Gag Rule; and c) it's really the bare fucking minimum I would expect from any Democrat elected to the Presidency.

I mean, I understand that it takes some getting used to not being under the boot of Dick Cheney anymore, but c'mon. We can do better than this.