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HAIKU Protests!

Been channelling some political passion into haiku format, or more accurately, "senryu". (fyi-senryu is identical to haiku form, but addresses human foibles and society rather than nature)

Any more offerings welcome!

I call them "hai-copes".

Soldiers’ Soon Enough Epiphany

Needing illusion,
we trust one cares there on high
brass totem. Dream on.

U.S. War Games

Survival crap shoots.
Millions die to entertain
D.C.'s power-deranged.


Under coffin's lid
lies still another stiff kid
lied to by country.

Genocidal Denial

None count the countless,
"collateral" damaged, U.S.
-phemistically abused.

Peace, Hegemony-style

Redacting conscience,
vulture culture blasts lives gone. Raped
land left napalm calmed.

David Gregory's Faux Gauntlet

As war-sell generals
Sundays "Meet the Press", how many
minions meeting death?

Camp No in the Non-Heart of Gitmo

Shhhhh! "Pizza delivery!"
Code -- Detainee No Mercy!
(The New, Death Squad Army)

Three prisoners did
bind and hang themselves. How the hell ....?

A Soldier's Sky

As fretful clouds roam,
branches claw solace from full,
inscrutable moon.

Young Blood

Citizens ignore
war’s revolving door to horror
young soldiers must brave.

Defense Spending

Quagmires of blood, fed
troops by Congress-whores for goals
of Vampire Lobbies.

Ruling class cronies
gang-rape all others. Clearly,
“all men aren’t brothers.”

Sky falling down soon.
Avaricious idiots
ruin Earth and Man.

Money, Rather, the Lack Thereof ...

Threat of debt leaves us
and our American dream
“a-frayed” at the seams.

View from the Left

Tea bag hatred brews --
wanting Obama not to be
what he sadly isn't.

2008 Election Prayer (Barack, We Hardly Knew Ye)

Obama, end trauma
for hearts struck numb by the colossally
dumb and ruthless.

Political Charisma Can Con

Obama's affect
endears, but his ineffect's
not to be endured.

2010: D.C. and The Bull of Wrongs

What wise forefathers
once gave, Gucci-loafered faux
fathers take away.

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Rangoon78's picture
Submitted by Rangoon78 on

Shattered hope bong
lying at their feet
Jerry's Dead, the wind whispers

I love how with the internet one thing literally leads to another; this morning i spied an editorial in the LA times: Sharon Browne's legal aid spat -

Subtitled: "Liberal critics are fighting her nomination by Obama to the board of the Legal Services Corp."

I really wasn't familiar with the LSC or Brown so I looked further. turns out Browne has worked on behalf of a panoply of conservative legal causes while at the industry-funded PLF [Pacific Legal Foundation] , including opposing race-based school district assignment policies, andsupporting Prop 209, a California ballot initiative to end most affirmative action programs in the state.

A look back at history makes clear that PLF, which describes itself as a promoter of free enterprise, private property rights, and limiting the role of government, is ideologically opposed to the mission of the LSC, a non-profit created as part of President Johnson's Great Society initiative to provide free or low-cost legal services to the poor, and which was chaired in the late 1970s by Hillary Clinton, then an Arkansas lawyer. Lawyer From Far-Right Group Picked For Key Legal-Aid Post | TPMMuckraker

Sadly ironic isn't it that the man whom the corporations tapped to bring Hillary down is poised to secure the nomination a Person intent on destroying an organization that epitomizes what Liberals like Hillary have worked for all their lives.

I wish I'd cared enough to learn more about her career when she first came to prominence -- but as I read this hit piece which attempts to indict her as a Lefty, I am filled with admiration for this great woman. I urge you to read it too.
Michael Fumento reports: "Hillary - The Other Clinton."
Read the whole - cut and paste:

Investor’s Business Daily, October 14, 1992
Copyright 1992 Investor's Business Daily

"Hillary Clinton, good or bad, is not the issue in this campaign."

So said Torie Clarke, press secretary for the Bush-Quayle campaign, after a Republican National Convention that featured more Hillary-bashing than silly elephant hats, followed by a slew of defensive media portrayals that made Hillary Clinton out to be a hapless and undeserving victim.

"Many say they are ... baffled by her portrayal as a wild-eyed radical," stated one defensive article in The New York Times. That lengthy piece quoted nobody but Clinton supporters, save for an excerpt from Patrick Buchanan's speech at the convention.

But many critics contend that the 44-year-old Hillary, a prominent attorney with a densely packed resume, should be fair game for scrutiny in the presidential campaign.

Critics note that, unlike most first ladies, who with few exceptions have been relegated to a background role of encouragement and advice, Hillary Clinton will have broad influence over the national political landscape.

Said Howard Phillips, president of Conservative Caucus in Vienna, VA., "Hillary Clinton is not another Pat Nixon or Bess Truman or Jackie Kennedy or Barbara Bush or even another Rosalynn Carter."

He compared her to Eleanor Roosevelt, but with a more aggressive . . .

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I agree, How crazymaking and disheartening with the expulsion of true liberalism.

I wear my black armband in mourning of the depletion of America's collective heart and conscience.

Hillary's history had noble foci. God bless her for that. But now she seems a militarist with the gamespeople and the corporatists and enabling our dangerous enmeshment with militarists-run Israel and this sustains our profound lack of international credibility and potential to promote peace in this struggling world and all the devastation being brought to our own citizens and the citizens of other countries.

American exceptionalism and Israeli exceptionalism, and now the gated community narcissism -- tribalism -- is not within national boundaries, but contracted to the political and corporatist elites. The ignored underclass in America is widening faster and we are all sliding down the slippery slope to its ranks. Karma is a bitch.

Just watching political Sunday morning corporate sponsored tv and tea party tea party tea party .... and progressives asserting morality and empathy for the entire American community are ignored -- by corporate tool media hacks, knee-jerk totally winning obsessed conservatives dispensing "anti-socialism" kool-aid in their guccis and with their Rolls Royce health plans for life, and by "pragmatic" progressives who think they can pretend to serve two masters, the citizenry and the corporatists and that kool-aid is filled with poison and so thick with bullshit.

With the Obama and "pragmatic" progressives giving true morality short shrift, not acknowledging the plight of those to be uninsured still, the way America has ignored the homeless population for decades (exponentially increased thanks to Reagan) ... those with conscience and moral imagination in America are disenfranchised.

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Submitted by Valhalla on

as Lambert brought up in the feminism post, there's two ways to look at politicians like Clinton. One is to view the good and bad things they do as dependent variables, they other as independent.

Clinton has pretty much always been pretty hawkish; that's nothing new (also, nothing new to ignore the fact that whatever her real politics, she's actually carrying out the policies of her boss, yeah, that guy). I think the independent variable test is pretty strong in a situation like this, where you're attempting to offset (as if dependent) Clinton's strong history of support for legal services against her foreign policy. These are very different sets; and it's not right to imply she's lost the former because of the latter, esp. with no evidence. I can't imagine a world in which she'd nominate or support someone like Brown to the Legal Services board; at least there's no evidence whatsoever to support that, and a great deal of evidence to contradict it.

That's not to excuse Clinton's foreign policy positions. But an independent vs dependent variable analysis isn't needed on Obama's attempt to appoint Brown to the Legal Services Board, since such an appointment is perfectly consonant with his actual background of fighting only on one side of any issue, and it's not the side of people in need.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I did not intend to delve into Clinton on this thread, but wanted to acknowledge rich's remarks honestly. And since much of the above haiku addresses the war issues, my focus seriously there, I regarded Clinton in that particular context heavily and I do find it so grave and globally impactful!

I am sure HRC has to drink serious kool-aid in this administration and probably did in Bill Clinton's, too, and in this period of time re international and political cronyism. And she knows a lot more of the good, bad and ugly close up that colors or determines her perspective and behavior and that we are often "protected from" and/or "denied access to", depending on one's attitude and the situation.

I get it, too, and was a bit slow-witted with what rich was saying I think in terms of this scary woman assuming such a post.

Yes, I think HRC has a far open mind, and more courage to support the needs of us of the middle and working classes than Obama and many others and more potential, too, to go left at times. And I visualize a time when she will organize globally for the plight of women and children, I pray for that, since she is so high profile and a role model in many ways. And I believe I saw a shift in her during her campaign where she really got it, how powerful and sacred "sisterhood" is.

I think Obama is frighteningly psychologically repelled by the needs of those in need. Which is crazymaking to all of us considering his campaign rhetoric. I think it is something, in a way, like the nouveau riche are far more supercilious to the middle class and poor than the long time rich. I am trying to piece together how Dr. Quentin Young, is it, wasn't he his friend and even doctor, who is now such a single payer activist with pnhp... will double check this ....but he is detaching from along with everyone else in pnhp and single payer groups. Shifting his cronyism and even basic human respect ENTIRELY to the corporate and militarist power players. That summit and subsequent news discussions made me feel so disenfranchised!

Thanks for commenting!

Submitted by lambert on

I can't think of another way to say it; I like the connections made.

Saw a great post from Quentin Young recently, but can't remember where. Oh well!

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Submitted by Valhalla on

not just Obama, but he does stand out as paradigmatic:

I think Obama is frighteningly psychologically repelled by the needs of those in need. Which is crazymaking to all of us considering his campaign rhetoric. I think it is something, in a way, like the nouveau riche are far more supercilious to the middle class and poor than the long time rich.

Obama's whole "professorial" style fits into this quite well, and it's what allowed him to rhetorically make the case for uplifting everyone (although I don't really remember him addressing the class problem or the downtrodden particularly during the campaigns), while never having to get anywhere close to those in need in reality. As long as the whole thing is essentially an academic exercise, he's fine. But the distance from real people's lives and the real needs of people are easy to deprioritize when kept at a far distance, esp. when so much more pressing personal needs (like keeping corporate donors happy) are so close.

Submitted by lambert on

... they gave us diversity."

"The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread." No matter their color, sex, gender, race, ethnicity...

Submitted by hipparchia on

I think it is something, in a way, like the nouveau riche are far more supercilious to the middle class and poor than the long time rich.

the very, very wealthy and those from 'old money', whose families have had megabucks for generations, can afford to be eccentric and actually like, and even advocate for, the rest of us [though not all of them are willing to stoop that low] because they can't really be ousted from the club.

the newly rich are generally looked down on by the old money and those who are in the very lowest tiers of the upper class are most in danger of being bumped back down to the middle class in times of ill fortune, so both of these groups have to take extra measures to dissociate themselves from the rest of us if they want to stay in the good graces of the real members of the club.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

... to those one would assume would be in his orbit of caring and respecting.

And he seems to relish a little too much his preacherly scold that it is time to "sacrifice". That to the working class and unemployed. Not to the corporatists. Obama has issues. Dear God, another President we have to suffer through with their issues!!!????? Yeah, everyone has issues, but this teflon deafness to the needs of the needy ... oy vey.

He did frustrate me, [and hipp, relates to your comment], during the campaign when he kept referring to the needs of the MIDDLE class. Not all citizens. I yearned to hear him be inclusive and he was frustratingly not. Except for those sweeping generalizations where everyone was IMPLIED. And I listened hard since Edwards was talking so much of two Americas and Edwards was getting HRC and BO to pick up the drumbeat some and move or appear to move left. But clearly not really. And the scary thing, also, with BO, is that he feels no need to account for his bait and switch. That is pol business, apparently he thinks. Which makes the lack of the respect to citizens even more profound. And if he can keep on conning or trying to con a media that picks up its cues from the right and is thus successfully cueing him rather than the other way around, with him serving the media rather than serving real human beings, not to mention REALITY ... hello?????? ... he seems to be focused there. Style not substance, appearances not reality ... And the bubble world, the bubble gets more and more soundproof from the rest of the country. And the kabuki gets even more hypocritical to try to stomach!

John McCain on Meet the Press with Gregory's help hit the talking point once again that Obama is just too far left. Oy vey. What a racket this is. And Obama et al. scurry more right to make them stop lying. And media just parrots back whatever the rights says. And media again and again remarks on how there is no blowback among the citizenry except from the tea partiers!!!!!

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Thanks for the validation as always.

Just trying to reflect back the de-humanization of our American society in general, and the profound corruption and betrayal of our leadership. The moral compass, except for hypocritical rhetorical manipulative allusions to it, has been thrown out.

Keep up your own good fight! :)

Submitted by jawbone on

Mad Kane's Political Madness blog, with this about Obama and the Summit:

Dear Obama, Enough With The Voltaire!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really tired of this line frequently used by Obama and other pols: “America can’t afford to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Obama usually uses this Voltaire paraphrase as an excuse to disappoint progressives yet again.

The original Voltaire quote is “The perfect is the enemy of the good,” translated from the French, “Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.” (The literal translation actually should be, “The best is the enemy of the good.”)

This brings me to my latest double limerick:

Dear Obama, Enough With The Voltaire!
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There once was a guy named Voltaire,
A Frenchman whose wisdom pols share.
They say, “Perfect, though fine,
Is hardly divine
When it blocks the essential. So there!”

Dear Obama, this line is just guff —
An excuse for not doing enough.
So instead of excuses,
Fight right-wing abuses.
Voltaire is annoying. Hang tough!

Lots more there.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Good job.

A poetry site I attend had a weekly contest that was ending last night so I only had a short time to enter. The task was to write a poem using a nursery rhyme or fairy tale. So in the few minutes I had I penned (typed) this since I had just been reading about -- shudder-- more Blackwater shenanigans:

Lawless Blackwater Now Wants $1B Pentagon Contract

Jack and Jill
braved booby-trapped hills
to satisfy Blackwater contractor.
Jack fell down
(really was pushed cuz of whistle blowing)
and Jill was
in danger of sexual violence.

Okay, not very nuanced and pleasant ... but a cathartic protest!

chicago dyke's picture
Submitted by chicago dyke on

and i'm pretty good at it, when i'm in the mood. nice concept.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Agree about appreciating haiku. I can be so long-winded with my political commenting, the haiku (senryu) format really makes me distill the thoughts and get to a point. A nice shift.

Submitted by lambert on

Thinking as an editor... If we had a series of senryu, we could rotate them in the sidebar. Readers could discuss them. There could be a series.

Also, excellent poster-worthy material, since they are concise. I think this idea could go viral.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I have a lot of health care haiku skewering I would love to launch into. A friend asked me to focus on soldiers for now for a dance project she is doing.

But so much fodder for them. So many fresh hells!!! And I know this corrente team has such wit and creativity!

And I was talking to this dancer friend today and she said that ART is one of our tools to morally communicate in this histrionic world. If we get our truth to power into the grace and power of the ARTS, it will gain even stronger momentum. The voice of truth will become louder and more grounded. Our truth to power talking points having the staying power of, say, a poetic art form! Like the power of cartoons!

And satire ... well, the haiku, or limericks or whatever, are effective sound bites .... short and often droll and compelling ... easy to read in this ADD-seeming culture and will leave an image in the mind.

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Submitted by madamab on

LL, I am totally down with using the arts to communicate political concepts. Let me give it a whirl:

Everyone knows it:
the ills of society
are all womens' fault.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I've been googling war poetry lately and going to bookstores to check out poetry anthologies. There do not seem to be a lot of war poets in the anthologies, but the ones that make it there have such haunting poems. And googling has pulled up some really poignant pieces, which I have barely begun to tap into. These are important voices. Voices of the families of vets, also, are writing what devastation the deaths or psychological and physical wounding of their loved ones has cost them all. Would be nice to promote them, too, to keep truth to power going strong, especially by those most betrayed by it.

The media, the corporatists' denial and hypocrisy seem to be thickening. Escalation to the horrors being perpetrated against so many in and out of country, not only with the wars. A government that is covering up and minimizing the illegal and the unethical.

We need to "re-sensitize" our incrementally shocked and awed boiled frogs of a citizenry by appealing to reason but also to reawaken their feelings and humanity. To fight the numbness ... the paralysis ... the despair ... whatever states have been triggered by the proliferation of amorality, grotesque amorality which is going unchallenged by our supposed guardians .... to fight the collective mind-warping being done to us by our corrupted and compromised leadership and mainstream media.

The voices of our humanity deserve and require expression for recovery. We need to exhibit our throbbing survivor hearts to each other, not be isolated, disenfranchised, stifled, caged into passive painful victimhood!