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Ha-HA! Focus on Family Lays Off Employees

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Diane has it just right: go and sin no more.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Focus on the Family is laying off 30 employees and reassigning 15 others, due in part to a drop in projected revenue and to growth in technology.

Most of the layoffs are in the department that answers mail and telephone requests, while the reassignments were prompted by growth in e-mail and Internet-based communications, said Gary Schneeberger, vice president of communications for the conservative Christian ministry.
"Our budget was fairly aggressive. The projected budget was $150 million. It looks like it will come in about $8 million under, at $142 million," Schneeberger said.

Heh. I feel so bad, really I do. Although, why do I believe that the newly unemployed warriors for Baby Jeebus won't have to look far for wingnutty good welfare? I guess it depends on their skills with the Wide Stance...

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Submitted by lambert on

... why don't they work for free?

Like [cough] some of us do?

UPDATE Seriously, I've always given the evangelists and the proselytizers some grudging respect, in that "they work hard for the money"--the streetcorner thing, the rejection, the "Always Be Closing" thing--except that there isn't any. But it just hit me that I've spent far more time in The Mighty Corrente Building than most of these guys, so, they heck with the grudging respect.

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Because only people who work to change the world work for free, not those who work to keep everything in its traditional place.

Maybe that's why activists on the left get exhausted and leave. Have you ever thought about getting paid for most of your work? To my mind, it's an illusion to think your work is more noble for not being paid. You would get more respect (and listeners) if you were getting paid. I would encourage all the bloggers here to search for where their markets might be.