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Booman breaks his silence on the single-payer movement in Pennsylvania!

It's not much of a mention, granted, but at least it's something.

Of course it's contained in a post that manages to chastise liberals about their anti-corporatist stance...

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BooMan burbles:

If you want single-payer, you need another party or you need to work on the state level as progressives are doing here in Pennsylvania.

Just think about this for a minute:

Health care reform is a relatively minor problem; the policy is quite clear. Financial reform is bigger than that, ending the empire even bigger, climate even bigger.

And yet we can't even address it, and apparently to go forward we need to spend another ten years working on eliminating the filibuster.

The legacy parties are completely broken. BooMan, down to the "a" and "the", exemplifies this.

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and thought about linking to it. Say what you want to, he is the first high traffic Pennsylvania blogger to have broken silence on this one.