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Oil: Gulf Gusher hooking up with Gulf Loop? Oops....

From SkyTruth, via commenter Don at The Agonist, satellite photo of the Gusher oil slick being pulled along the path of the Gulf Loop current. "Entrained" is the word being used.

Also, new video of post-straw insertion Gusher gushing on Monday. At HuffPo.

And, finally, more video from commenter Tim at SkyTruth, via Sen. Bill Nelson. Appears to be timestamped the 18th. More on this at The Agonist from Sean Paul. Good links in comments.

NPR reported tonight that the new videos are supporting the higher estimates of gallons or barrels per day which NPR's analysis by outsider experts reported last week.

Take that, BP CEO of the leak impact will be "very, very modest" statement.

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