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Greg Mitchell's WikiLeaks BLogging, Day 31, Tues., 12/28

8:55 Assange raised some eyebrows in recent interview when he referred to WikiLeaks people already killed. Here is what he was referring to.

Yes, two contributors to WikiLeaks assassinated. Nearest witness was wounded in the leg and then taken away by the police. Now that cries out for a follow up by good journalists, eh?

10:15 El Pais only news outlet still publishing daily WikiLeaks stories based on cables. Question remains for others: Why?

Elsewhere, it's come out that Amazon most likely dropped WikiLeaks due to...large amounts of government money in cloud business.

Wired editor still to reply to Greenwald. Greenwald still pushing MCMers to admit the leaks they get from their sources just might be...stolen. Leaks don't walk up on their little leak legs and introduce themselves to reporters. Update: Wired explains why it is not published the material it has on Manning.

5:10 FDL's massive updated chart on Manning and Lamo, quite a feat, aided by readers.

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in their entirety.

And while you're at it, maybe you could mention exactly when it was that Lamo turned on logging for his chat sessions with Manning.