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Greg Mitchell's Day 25 WikiLeaks Blogging

NOTE: I'm not linking to rape aspects of the ongoing coverage of Assange. I figure the interest is high and those interested will read Mitchell's tick-tock and find the info. (Unless there's something truly new, that is.) Also, due to time constraints, I'm posting Mitchell's timestamped entries without breaking out links (unless I deem it good to do so...), so go to Mitchell's blog to get the links, please.

Before today's link, this from yesterday. Too funny.

10:50 Wash Post reveals that the CIA has a new task force to study impact and damage from cables. It's the WikiLeaks Task Force and, yes, the agency likes to refer to it as WTF.

Mitchell does provide updates from previous night, today's are about Michael Moore on the Maddow show talking about rape criticisms against him, cables about his Sicko movie, etc.

Again, updated throughout the day and night. Does Mitchell have a life? Good blogger!

7:40 A leak from...WikiLeaks? Norwegian paper claims it has received all 251,000 cables, and if true raising questions about WIki security.

Link not working, so use this one--says Norwegian paper and Russian given cables.

8:10 Love this: Bank of America allegedly buying up "abusive" internet domain names awaiting the next big WikiLeaks release. "According to Domain Name Wire, the US bank has been aggressively registering domain names including its board of Directors' and senior executives' names followed by 'sucks' and 'blows'. For example, the company registered a number of domains for CEO Brian Moynihan:,,, and"

9:45 Assange to be interviewed on Dylan Ratigan show this afternoon on MSNBC.

10:15 Bloomberg News: Details on that deal in Russia with WikiLeaks to expose corruption there.

10:20 New piece at New York Observer on what banks face, and options they have, when WikiLeaks goes after one or more of them.

10:25 Frost / Assange: New interview with Assange, at the manor, by Sir David Frost...

11:50 The Street: Despite fears of WikiLeaks release, Bank of America shares up. However, new report of bank itself "girding for trouble from Wikileaks, as the Charlotte Observer cites an anonymous bank employee who says he can't access g-mail on his company-issued laptop due to stepped up security measures."

12:30 That WikiLeaks cable on Palestinian-Israeli "cooperation" now causing big stir there. New from Ethan Bronner at NYT: "General Adnan Damiri, spokesman for the security services of the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority in the West Bank called a news conference and said that Hamas rockets, rocket launchers and automatic weapons had been found in Ramallah and Nablus. This was evidence, he said, of plans by Hamas to launch attacks against fellow Palestinians."

Now, a link for a seasonally appropriate bit of humor (scroll down to arrow in blank box, at least that's what's on my screen. No, the singing is not great. Lyrics for your caroling pleasure):

McClatchy's dedicated cables page:

The Guardian daily coverage:

Now, gotta begin packing, in case the car is fixed in time to make at least Christmas Day in Wisconsin....