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Greenwald nails the game

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The primary tactic in this game is Villain Rotation. They always have a handful of Democratic Senators announce that they will be the ones to deviate this time from the ostensible party position and impede success, but the designated Villain constantly shifts, so the Party itself can claim it supports these measures while an always-changing handful of their members invariably prevent it.

Like the Full Court Press, he assigns collective responsibility to the entire Democratic Party. That is why we want to run 435 primaries, rather than the lame old ActBlue "target the worst" approach, which plays exactly into the Democratic Party game.

But the "target the worst" is STILL the default mindset of most progressives who even understand that it's the system, not a few individuals, that is the problem. It's an interesting phenomenon. I think it's a combination of emotional helplessness at the scope of the problem, combined with the psychological payoff of being able to hurt someone, anyone, and make them pay.

I can't get into it right now -- I've got a lot of thinking to do -- but it seems like political progressives are going to have to engage some very emotional and psychological issues if we are going to be able to begin making actual changes. As opposed to calling for actual changes.

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it's absolutely key for any real activism, I believe.

If we keep thinking the Democrats WANT to help us, we will keep feeling the urge to defend and protect them, contrary to our own best interests.

I think of them as a large pack of yapping dogs, not bright but vicious, which only take orders from a larger pack of humans with loud, firm voices and a Super-Nanny-like grasp of discipline.

If that fails, I picture them in their underwear. (I keed! I keed!)

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Can I, can I pleeease dress up like Victoria Stilwell (you know, black sweater, jeans, thick belt, high boots..heck, I'd even grow a ponytail like hers) for the pleasure of leashing and training those curs?!! (if you've never seen the show "me or the dog" on animal planet..well,let's say, domination of dogs done well *g*)

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The dress code is secondary; the assumptions are primary.

I was picturing SuperNanny myself (smart bun, glasses, skirtsuit and sensible heels), but then again, I've never seen the "me or the dog" show.