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Green party Ed Bortz's speech to single payer advocates

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Ed Bortz, PA Green for Congress, speech for single-payer coalition

As you all know, the recent health insurance legislation is so clearly aligned with those corporate insurance interests. After all, it was written in the back rooms with the voices for single-payer and Improved Medicare for All left out of the evaluation, off the table and out in the street.

Do we have a reader who lives in Pennsylvania's 14th Congressional Distric? Does anyone know anything about Ed Bortz?

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When looking up who was running for that congressional seat against incumbent Mike Doyle, Ed Bortz's name came up along with Republican candidate Melissa Haluszczak (that latter's name attached to the phrase "Tea Party Activist" - a red flag for me). At times like these I really long for IRV, as I'd love to make good on my threat to not vote for Doyle, but I do not want a teabagger in office.

Interestingly, has no listing for Bortz or any third-party candidates this time - at least not in Pennsylvania. I remember that they have listed them in previous elections. An oversight or a policy change?