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Green Party Candidate School

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These Green Campaign Schools will focus on building skills at all levels

from assembling a campaign team, to creating effective campaign literature, raising money, handling and using voter data, financial reporting, media campaigns, the role of the candidate, and setting and working toward goals. These schools will be one-to-two day events, hosted by our campaign team together with Green leaders in your area. The idea is to provide lessons from the experience accumulated in our campaign.

This is great news, it shows that the Green Party is serious about building a viable political party.

Reminder, Corrente is about policy, not party. I blog about the Green Party because of all of America's emergent party it strikes me as the only lefty party serious about being a contender. But emergent parties differ greatly from one jurisdiction to another. If you know of emergent party activity that you think is promising, please blog about it. Corrente is about building alternatives, not being party cheerleaders.

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Submitted by lambert on

It's good news the Greens are serious. Better for policy, better for having more sane choices, better in every way.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

It's always puzzled me why the Greens weren't more successful out here in the NW, given the politics. One of the things I keep hearing about them is that they're not serious about winning, only about making a point. This developent would seem to suggest otherwise, at least in Massachusetts.

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Submitted by danps on

It's really good to see stories like this. Party building is hard and boring work, so it's good to see efforts in that direction.

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Submitted by illusionofjoy on

There is a mayoral race coming up in Pittsburgh. As it stands, it looks like whomever wins the Democratic Primary will win the race in the general, as the Republicans (thus far) aren't fielding any candidates. If the Greens wanted to step up here, now would seem to be an opportune time.