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Green Party candidate for Philadelphia Sheriff

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Cheri Honkala

vows to serve the interests of the people instead of the interests of the banks by “Keeping Families in Their Homes” until the economic climate in Philadelphia changes.

Honkala is a tireless advocate for the nation’s poor and homeless. She founded the local Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KWRU) and the national Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC). Honkala was included in Philadelphia Magazine’s list of 100 Most Powerful Philadelphians and was named Philadelphia Weekly’s “Woman of the Year” in 1997. Cheri Honkala’s run for Sheriff comes as a last resort to help people and families who have nowhere to turn after a corrupt Sheriff’s Office still can’t come up with millions of dollars worth of real-estate auction receipts. Honkala vows to fight for the working class homeowner who has been left to live in the streets after the Wall Street financial class was bailed out.

Readers, anyone from Philadelphia who can keep us posted on this?

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Submitted by rossl on

I've been doing a decent amount of volunteer work for the campaign. You don't need to be in Philly to help, though. I'm moving to Connecticut in about a week and I'll be hosting a house part to raise money/awareness for Cheri, possibly a local Green campaign, and how poverty affects that area. I'm also putting together a kit for people to do house parties like that all over the country. And, of course, donations ALWAYS help - we'll need a lot of resources (tell your friends too!!!) to make this a winning campaign that not only elects the first Green sheriff, but sets up an infrastructure for future electoral victories and grassroots campaigns.