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Green 17!

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Watching Kevin Garnett, who brought a truly inspirational level of intensity to Boston this year, hugging that many-times-over quiet-man champion Bill Russell. OMG!

Doc Rivers and series MVP Paul Pierce seem like genuinely good guys who have kept classy through thick and thin.

Doc: "My first thought was my Dad."

Celtic pride is back, baby!

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Minnesotans loved Kevin Garnett and we are truly happy for him that he can finally win a championship. I know many people who were watching the final and throughout the series, everywhere I went people were cheering for Garnett and the Celtics. He is one of the classiest people in sports and Boston is lucky to have him.



Around these parts we call cucumber slices circle bites

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to help him and them make a Stanley Cup run, someone printed up jerseys that were half Bruins, half Avs, divided on the diagonal. A Bossota basketball jersey might be nice!

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night during the trophy ceremony. He's the guy that brought Garnett and Ray Allen, 2/3 of the new "Big Three". These guys played their hearts out and what better way to win than with your bench padding the score!?

I love this job!

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There were some pretty great moments in the postgame celebration last night - we miss KG here in Minnesota, but are so glad he got a championship ring. The whole thing was such a great story.

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