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Greedy, stupid, lazy telcos

Sorry for the redundancy:

The telcos want to set up tiers so they can charge some people more than others, i.e. introduce a class system to the ‘Net, because some people don’t like to have their important content treated the same way as Friday Cat Blogging.

The real problem is that telcos have been pulling in subscribers with promises of unlimited bandwidth, and discovered they are going to need to spend money on improvements to the infrastructure to provide it, rather than just milking the existing system for profits, which is what they had in mind.

And yet again....

It all comes down to economic rents!

The vig!

The rake!

The house cut!

The percentage!

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Submitted by gmanedit on

none of these terms have widespread sticking power. I think we need to use the word "tax": corporate tax, company tax, something that hammers home that private interests exact taxes just as much as governments do. People understand "tax," and it makes their blood boil. Look how effective "death tax" was.

bloodsucker tax?
gouger tax?
Big Money tax?
Big Business tax?
privateer tax?

Submitted by lambert on

... but it also shows how the right is working on ground that is, so to speak, prepared for them. "Tax" is not available to us (yes? No?) and the alternative has yet to emerge.

Bankster tax.

Life tax....

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Submitted by nihil obstet on

Everybody with a credit card balance knows what that means. And Bankster games jacking up rates have prepared the ground.