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Even McClatchy. Secret court approves phone surveillance changes

But how do we know!? IT'S A SECRET COURT!

NOTE FWIW, here's the claim:

Under the first change, Clapper said, the massive caches of phone records can be searched only after a court finds that there is "a reasonable, articulable suspicion that the selection term is associated with an approved international terrorist organization."

That limitation will be in place "absent a true emergency," Clapper said without elaboration.

The second change requires that the data query results "be limited within two hops of the selection term instead of three."

That reform means that government investigators can trace a suspicious call only through one intermediary number instead of through two numbers.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which Congress created in 1978 to approve wiretaps and other secret forms of monitoring, granted a motion from the Justice Department on Wednesday to implement the changes, Clapper said.

Whatever. Clapper has every incentive to lie, and none to tell the truth. I mean, c'mon. Clapper's the "least untruthful" guy! That Obama hasn't fired Clapper's sorry, lying ass speaks volumes. And last I checked, nobody in the political class has called for Clapper to be prosecuted for perjury for giving making "least untruthful" statements under oath to Congress. That too speaks volumes. Move along, people, move along. There's no story here.

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