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Great catch on Ben Rhodes, Obama's 30-something white boy Manchurian hatchetman

Er, "national security advisor."* ("Manchurian" because, as many have pointed out, and remarkably like Obama Himself, Rhodes has had a remarkably rapid rise with an equally remarkably thin resume. One wonders why.) Remember this photo?

The guy in the back on the right? Ben Rhodes, writes BostonBoomer.

Have I mentioned lately what an asshole Obama is? He surrounds himself with assholes, too.

NOTE * I wonder if he helps with the "kill list"?

UPDATE Oopsie, thirty something. Makes his presence in that shot all the more reprehensible since he's old enough to know better.

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R u kidding me? A thirty-something frat boy? When did this happen -- that these types of people became the "players" in politics? Man, I really missed a lot in the past couple of decades. And I thought I was a reasonably well "informed" citizen.

What is this Presidency, a party of frat-boys applying hazing to domestic and foreign affairs? NDAA and Drones start to make sense in the creepiest way.