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Grayson calls his shot: Syria war resolution will be defeated in the House

Atlantic interview:

You sound pretty confident that the resolution will be defeated.

I am confident it will be defeated in the House. That’s not to say we can defeat it by doing nothing. The administration is trying to dominate the discourse here. They’ve scheduled four meetings with Democratic members this week, and they are basically seeing to it that skeptics or opponents don't get any time in front of other members. They feel if they just repeat themselves often enough, they'll be able to prove their case. I don't think it's going to work based on what I’m hearing.

Everybody goes in with an open mind, but all the administration's cards have been turned over. At this point, members are painfully familiar with the arguments already. There’s no sense among members that they're going to be able to explain a "yes" vote here to their constituents, particularly if it turns into a quagmire. What the public sees is that we can't afford this anymore. The public also understands that every time we do something like this, it seems to end up a big mess, and America has problems of our own to deal with. There are 20 million people in this country looking for full-time work. How do you explain to them the virtues of military adventurism and humanitarian bombing 6,000 miles from home?

Most members will end up voting with their constituents. There are some Republicans who never met a war they didn't like, and [among some Democrats] there's a certain institutional loyalty to a Democratic president. But beyond that, particularly when we're four weeks from a government shutdown and six to eight weeks from the government running out of money, most recognize that [the situation in Syria] is obviously not our problem.

Proud moment.

Somebody need to tell Grayson about #MintTheCoin, though. The government doesn't have to "run out of money." That's a political decision, with both legacy parties working together to enforce austerity, not a legal mandate. If we want a second FDR, that's the kind of thinking that's needed.

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Submitted by tom moody on

Glad that the Atlantic acknowledged the existence of Grayson but the framing of the article undercuts his message. Instead of a photo of Grayson they present a wacky pink-shirted protestor surrounded by calm "suits," directly below the scoffing headline "The Democratic Congressman Who Thinks He Can Stop the Syria War." Oh, that cra-a-azy Congressman. Grayson's level-headed appraisal of the lack of a Syria game plan is largely neutralized by the magazine-provided "optics."

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

With Administration and Congressional flacks for the War reminding Congresspeople against it that a "no" vote on the resolution will make Obama a lame duck for the rest of his presidency. From my point of view it would be very good if he was a lame duck, because then perhaps we'd see the end of his "grand bargain" and the Democrats running to dis-associate themselves from the man and all his works. They'll need to do that if they hope to win in 2014 and 2016.

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No doubt avoiding exactly that is a central argument made by the administration.