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Graveyard of empires

Obama sends 17,000 troops to Aghanistan. What could go wrong?

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose...

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Submitted by Sarah on

hope nobody else is sick with this junk although I think Athenae over at First-Draft has it too.

THe other thing she's got is this too-cool for-school poster. Yeah, I know, you can read it so it's insulting. But, seriously. Calm down, and hand me the duct tape? Sounds like the best advice anybody ever gave a bunch of hysterical blog-commenters. :D

And, frankly, I could see EXACTLY the same caption over a photo of a President Edwards, or Kucinich, or Hillary Clinton, or Al Gore, after just under a month's worth of effort repairing the multiple trainwrecks Bu$hco left in place.

Seventeen thousand more troops to Afghanistan. Where're they gonna find that many, without drawing some out of Iraq? (Which appears to be heating back up, damn it.)

Submitted by lambert on

We really need to move beyond the idea that "we might be saying the same thing if Hillary had been elected President." If I'd wanted to say that, I would have. In fact, this post has nothing to do with who's President or not; it concerns a choice our current President made.

We can't know what would have happened if another candidate had been elected. For example, since the Village hates Hillary so much, there might well have been an October surprise. Given that Republicans are insane, McCain might be facing an even weirder economy. Or a meteor the side of Australia might be heading right toward us.

I don't buy the idea that I need to lie here passively while Obama wraps duct tape around me or whatever he's doing. Why would I?

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ANYBODY stepping into the Oval Office this year, IMNVHO, was going to need a really impressive toolbox ... and a boatload of aircraft tape is not a bad thing to have in it, whether you're electing any of these folks:
or any of these:

Do I think you need to

I don't buy the idea that I need to lie here passively while Obama wraps duct tape around me or whatever he's doing. Why would I?

Naah. Not my thing.

I just thought the LOL-politician was good.

Look, do I think the new President, Barack Hussein Obama, is the One and Only? Well, no, actually, I don't. (You ought to know that much about me, anyhow, lambert.) What I KNOW -- k.n.o.w. -- is that Obama's the President we've got. Even he wasn't saying "Yes, I can." He was saying, "Yes, we can."

So what I'm saying is, let's help. If it's handing him the duct tape, why not? If it's READING HIM the instructions to FIX THIS $H!T, why not? If it's pointing out that the $h!t ain't fixed yet, and there's piles of it he hasn't started trying to fix, why not?

Do I really think he'll listen? Probably not, especially just to me. Enough voices saying the same thing, maybe he'd pay attention to a big enough "we".

I keep saying this, people keep not paying attention. Sigh. One more time:
Obama is a politician. First, foremost, always, all ways. Politician. Gonna do what he thinks best for his political career. Lose sight of that and you lose your handle on him. Thing is he's not the only one who operates that way. I mean, come on -- much as I love Hillary, she's not immune, else why have those prayer sessions with The Family?

Do what you can where you are with what you got. Especially when what you got ain't what you want. How else you gonna get to where you want to be?

You've moved on? Cool. Where do you want to be?

I know where I want to be. I used to live there. Right up until the Bush V. Gore decision. Then it was like we fell through a mirror into Bizarro World. And as the kids say, that sux.

Time to go back through the mirror, to a country where The Constitution is Rule One.

What may be of greater benefit to those of us in Texas is the connection between some big-name Texas GOP politicians and a guy the SEC busted in Dallas.
Lots of Texas GOP politicians. Not to mention other politicians -- kind of a junior Jack Abramoff, this guy Stanford.

That lists includes Tom DeLay, Phil Gramm, Chuck Schumer, Richard Shelby, Charlie Rangel, Max Baucus, Bob Torricelli, and Paul Sarbanes.

Hey, if it costs Pete Sessions his Congressional seat, that's a win. We're Democrats. We take the wins where we find 'em.

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them to Afghanistan.

Or should that be Af/Pak?

Forever wars. North America has always been at war with East Asia. Strike that, West Asia. Central Asia? Oh, who can keep track....

Seven years, four and a half months -- since the first Sunday in October, 2001.


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Submitted by Sarah on

and anybody who's been reading here for more than a few days knows the number one thing on my agenda is to get all the GIs home now.

Support the Troops. Bring them Home.

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Submitted by Damon on

I wonder what the tipping point will be? When will our government cash out realizing the perpetual losses that go with a perpetaul war?

What makes me sick is that I know that the tipping point will not be measured in the amount of human lives. That means we have more civilians and American soldiers dying for no other reason than to save face. This is not a move we're doing because we believe against all evidence that we can "win" in Afghanistan. We're doing this because the Dems have convinced themselves that they have to prove that they can fight a war, too. Disgusting; shameful.

Game over, man. "All your morals, America, are belong to us."