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Is anybody actually using them or does anybody want to use them?

They're causing that stupid "X's picture" in comments and while I can fix that, there's no reason to invest time in that if there are no gravatar users.

Or I can turn it off and wait for people to complain!

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Submitted by ralphbon on

My photo is a gravatar, which seems to get picked up automatically all over the place. So I wouldn't mind if you turned it on. (Created it originally to comment on the Healthcare-Now! web site.)

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

My avatar is also my gravatar, but I uploaded it here directly. I could use it or not.

With the old site, my experience was that using OpenID didn't work, so I registered with the site. I suspect other current users could say the same. So, you may want to consider how open you want the new site to be before making a decision.