If you have "no place to go," come here!

Grand Bargain Barn -- Come on down!

From Harry Shearer (hat tip, Yves), 1:54 of pure awesome:

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"We deal in volume. That's right! We're louder than anyone else!"

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Submitted by jinb on

"think you can't afford real Social Security? you're wrong! but look over here...right now"

thanks, Harry!

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Shearer has featured Yves Smith, as well as Stephanie Kelton on his show. He gets it. And it appears he's going through what I (and others I know) went through the moment that we realized the core truth of MMT-- that the failure of full employment and social spending was policy driven, and not driven by "bond vigilantes."

Shorter-- people are dying from lack of healthcare because other people want it that way.