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Government hoedown open thread

U.S. On Verge Of Full-Scale Government Hoedown.

This is like watching the stupidest, ugliest family blowup ever. I wish both sides could lose.

A little late for me to call my shot -- and I just hate whole thing and both sides -- but the Democrats are obviously salivating for it, and working strategic hate management masterfully, and the Republican Young Turks (and their backers) are for it, so that leaves the Republican Old Guard to stop it, or not, and I don't think they have the power, and also don't want to be challenged from the right.

Shutdown looms after House approves another delay in Obamacare. So the length of the shutdown depends on whether the ObamaCare launch team wins the PR battle or not, then? Absent some hideous systems crash? Should be interesting!


The House late Monday passed yet another proposal to fund the government and undermine ObamaCare, and sent it to the Senate with less than 200 minutes before a partial government shutdown. Members passed the Republicans' continuing resolution in a 228-201 vote, with 12 Republicans voting no and nine Democrats voting yes. The ObamaCare language was expected to be quickly rejected by the Senate, possibly within the hour, leaving the House and Senate in a stalemate. As the Senate prepared to defeat the GOP amendments, Republicans were expected to meet at 11 p.m. to figure out its next step.

Poke 'em in the eye with a stick. That should make Boehner's job easier.


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Shutdown looms after House approves another delay in Obamacare 10:31PM "Looming," "imminent." I hope both sides lose.

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Thought so.

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Shows you what the administration wants; since no formal shutdown has happened.

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Midnight: Government now shut down. The House still going on. Still horrible.

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If I were king I'd close all military bases south of the Mason-Dixon line, move the personnel to other military bases, and make the shuttered bases inoperable. Sell all the infrastructure and burn the barracks. For starters. Executive decision. Gotta balance budgets you know. On the backs of congressmen whose districts have been living on federal largesse and paying few or no taxes.

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The Teabaggers have managed to convince their own base that victory (CR funding at sequester levels) will be a crushing defeat. Impressive.

More impressive:

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I must have received a dozen e-mails in the last couple of days from the DCCC urging me to give them $3 so they can fight back. No word on what "fight back" might mean. Guess some things are best left to the imagination.

I wish they were all condemned to have to find real jobs, and live on the wages and benefits average (median) Americans are seeing these days.