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Gov. Jerry Brown on Clinton Official Email - Mystique, Utterances and Dark Energy, Oh My!

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Gov. Jerry Brown reached deep into his little bag of oratory to speak out in defense of pal-Hillary against the darkening and expanding scandal with her privately diverted and destroyed State Department emails. He came up with CrazyPants. Hillary might be wishing he had just kept quiet.

From the L.A. Times. Jerry thinks the "controversy" (LA Time so polite) is:

almost like a vampire ... [and HRC needs to] find a stake and put it right through the heart."

Ok, so Jerry lives in California and Boris Karloff lived there too.

But then there's this, which is just demented:

"This email thing, it has a kind of mystique to it ... You know, an email is just an utterance in digital form. But it has some kind of dark energy that gets everybody excited."


Right, so "everybody is excited" over the Secretary of State privatizing and destroying official State Department correspondence not because of the fact, but because the correspondence was in the form of these weird things called "digital utterances" possessing "dark energy."

Interesting tactic of minimizing a Giant Corrupt Clusterfuck with a pinch of Meta (a pinch of Boris Karloff and a pinch of Potter Powder.). With friends like these ...

(**) In Planet Jerry do telegrams (or faxes, or snail mail bearing "Classified" stickers and stamps) also qualify as "mystique" and "dark energy filled utterances" that get everybody excited? Just wondering.

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