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Gotta work on my mad Google AdSense skillz

Has anyone noticed that Google's algorithms don't seem to incorporate a sense of irony or humor or metaphor or context?

I mean, I post on "the culture of airbrushing," and I get an ad for Badger Airbrushes. And we get all of those ads for electrical equipment because of CorrenteWire, get it?

Obviously, Google needs training. Does anyone have any idea how that's done?

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Submitted by tnjen on using the competitive filter setting (that could get rid of the electrical stuff) but I personally don't know how to refine any more than that. Here's some info on the competitive filter setting thingy with links.

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Submitted by amberglow on

that can be put on every page of this site so that words that more accurately describe it will carry more weight and always be more prevalent than things like "wire" or whatever? Also, maybe put "community", "discussion", "activists", "healthcare", "financial policy", etc -- specific issues words, and community participation words.

(also, i hear that there are more advertisers for non-political stuff to begin with, so google may be matching this place up within the pool of actual advertisers there are -- there are far more specialized small business advertisers online, than political or non-profit ads)

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Submitted by Damon on

I just saw an add for the "Obama Shop", of which one of the items being sold was a poster (I think) that used the old "W" idea against a black background that said "O" and under it "Our President." It creeped my the hell out, as I'm pretty sure it was an ironic use of the old W poster.