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Gotta Go? (or, How to Impress Girls with Your Phone)

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So I guess you don't have to sit through that boring meeting after all, and that you can make your ex green with jealousy at your sudden rise to StuperStud status:

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished your cell phone would ring? Maybe you wanted to look extra important or popular on that hot date. Or maybe you just needed an excuse to escape from an unpleasant meeting.

With "The Popularity Dialer", you can plan ahead. Via a web interface, you can choose to have your phone called at a particular time (or several times). At the elected time, your phone will be dialed and you will hear a prerecorded message that's one half of a conversation. Thus, you will be prompted to have a fake conversation and will easily fool those around you.

Click on the options below to listen to the call you will receive when you use the dialer:

1)The original popularity call (male voice)
2)The popularity call II (female voice)
3)The affirmation call
4)The boss call

Hat tip to Matt at myDD.

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