If you have "no place to go," come here!

Gotchyer narrative right here, Mr. Preznit

Quoted by that fool from Pravda, Greg Sargeant:

[OBAMA:] The Republicans in Congress call this class warfare. Well you know what? If asking [words, words] a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as plumber or teacher makes me a warrior for the middle class [it doesn't], I’ll wear that charge as a badge of honor. Because the only class warfare I’ve seen [from headquarters, where you were helping run it] is the battle that’s been waged against the middle class in this country for a decade.

Dear Lord. "Warrior," my sweet Aunt Fanny. Obama sure is a master at setting the bar extremely low, isn't he? He wants a mulligan for 2009 - 2011, is that it? Like all his golfing buddies give him, because he's the Preznit?

I think the real point of Sargeant's column is here:

For any of you card carrying members of the professional left who had hoped to see Obama barnstorm the country and call out Republicans by name, well, you’ve now seen just that. As for the question of whether we’re going to see more of it, by all indications this is a fight that Obama intends to continue indefinitely. We are now seeing the professional left’s preferred script being put to the test.

Well, he's tried everything else. And how that he's got no power to walk the walk, he's walking the walk. Fuck him, and Fuck the "professional left" who are going to run interference for him yet again.

People, it's not about messaging, even if the "professional" "left," who sell that service, would like it to be. It's about piss poor performance.

UPDATE I just reported this thoughtcrime on Attack Watch:

I'd like to report an attack on Barack Obama by Barack Obama. Today Barack Obama implied that Barack Obama had not ALWAYS been a "warrior for the middle class." Reprehensible!