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Gosh, could public relations explain the single payer blackout in the press?

And by "progressives"? Wendell Potter:

Business Week recently described how health insurers, United Health Group in particular, have been hard at work behind the scenes providing a treasure trove of data to key senators. If lawmakers believe the information and date the insurers are feeding them is comprehensive and objective, they are mistaken. Corporate representatives, especially the PR people who work with the media and who write talking points, are masters at the selective use of data and disclosing only the information their employers want to be disclosed.

What does this all mean for our country and our democracy?

During my 20 years in corporate communications and public affairs, I participated in the steady growth and influence of largely invisible persuasion -- and at a time when newsrooms are shrinking and investigative journalism seems to be vanishing. The number of PR people long ago surpassed the number of working journalists in this country. And that ratio of PR people to reporters will continue to grow. The clear winners as this shift occurs are big, rich corporations and other special interests. The losers are average Americans, most of whom are completely unaware how their thoughts and actions are being manipulated to achieve corporate goals on Capitol Hill.

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to be a key indicator of lousy policy and epic FAIL in a democracy (well, a representative democracy especially, where the decision makers are clustered and coddled to keep them from knowledge which might discomfit the powerful...).

That's why it's so important to keep the discussion of single payer to Obama's comments explaining that is simply isn't feasible and then make sure the MCMers STFU about it. And they do know which side there bread is buttered on. Know it so well.

Keeping not only the general populace ignorant but also the key decision makers is Job One for BHIP (Big Health Industry Players, of whom Obama is one) and the MCM in general.