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GOP slime merchants...

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...assert that Hillary Clinton is more progressive than some give her credit for and that Barack Obama is an over-hyped media darling. Bastards!

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pissed when I saw this yesterday is a huge understatement. I am soooooooooo tired of this bullcrap directed at her. These people have a terrible sickness, and I'd appreciate it if they'd be quarantined so as not to infect the rest of society. Seriously, they're nuts. I'd say America is more concerned about food and shelter and jobs right now. But these assholes still want to play games. They were actually talking about a perceived public interest in Michelle Obama's bare arms when I turned on the teevee this morning - the Today Show. I was totally repulsed and quickly changed the channel. It's maddening, but also very sad. The media grow more irrelevant by the day.

Wonder what the Supremes will decide. Of course, that creepy Ted Olson represents the conservatives. Bossie looks like a thug.

Evil people.