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Google's YouTube is definitely being evil

"YouTube to block indie labels as it launches paid music service" (FT):

YouTube is about to begin a mass cull of music videos by artists including Adele and the Arctic Monkeys, after a number of independent record labels refused to sign up to the licensing terms for its new subscription service.

The Google-owned company will start blocking videos “in a matter of days” to ensure that all content on the new platform is governed by its new contractual terms, said Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s head of content and business operations.

Google’s decision to press ahead without some of the best-known artists shows its determination to enter the fast-growing market for music subscription services.

Sound just like Amazon muscling the publishers. "Accept our terms, or we don't sell your books!" In each case the effect is to strip the actual creators of value bare, just so they can get their goods to market. That's exactly what the railroads did to farmers in the 19th C, and the result was the Populist movement.

We think of Amazon and Google as public utilities (which is right, because as it turns out they're natural monopolies). But they aren't. They're rent-sucking Molochs, and they should become public utilities under some form of democratic control.

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googles new corp. slogan should be

Do No Evil Unless There is Profit In It for Google.