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Google: "Maybe we can tell you that you’ll be late for a meeting based on your location, your calendar and the local traffic."

[I'm leaving this sticky because... it really is evil. See this overview, hat tip Alcuin. --lambert]

I read the FAQ. That's evil.

No entity should be trusted with that level of detail about any individual. The Stasi shouldn't have been in East Germany, and our corporate state shouldn't be trusted in this country.

Google should be a regulated public utility, without corporate personhood. This is totally out of control.

NOTE I can't find the opt out policy, either. Quelle surprise.

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Submitted by gob on

I'm doing something in particular, like managing a YouTube video.

I wonder if that's any protection. I've just been to the dashboard and noticed that my Blogger account profile was marked "shared" (not my doing!).

And watch out for those "stay signed in" checkboxes!

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Submitted by Jessica Yogini on

is something to not just kill their cookies but to feed it bullshit data.

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Submitted by propertius on

why some great, privacy-invading, omniscient search engine is required to provide this functionality. With the sole exception of traffic information, all of the information needed to do this can be kept locally and privately.